Sunday, May 2, 2010

A new passion and finding the time

As many of you may already know, It's been a while since my last post! What is that old saying "Time flies when your having fun"? Well who ever said that first sure had it right. I decided to start making polymer clay beads a few months back, and completely fell head over heals in love with it. I have definately neglected my blogging duties. The absence has hopefully allowed me enough time away, to get my newest obsession into check and I'm capable of getting my schedule under control again. I say this with a nervous laugh because you never know what comes tomorrow. Baby steps forward are still progress right?

I wanted to formally announce my new shop on Etsy, so here is a quick introduction to Rachele's Beads I have a lot of different beads to offer at Rachele's Beads. I have a lot of cabochons for all my bead embroidery and wire wrapping friends. I'm also making pendants and components for all. Lately I've been making cabs with metallic dust, and loving the way they are turning out, however as my skills improve, new designs will evolve.

The hardest thing at this point is finding the time to do all of my passions. Those of you who sell handmade items online know how much work really goes into it. There are so many skills needed and so many different hats to wear, like that of an artist, photographer, photo editor, writer, data entry specialist and even an advertising agent.

I would love to do article on time management. For those of you who have a great time management plan, please leave me your comments.