Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling Blessed Today!!

Feeling very blessed today!

My step father had a stroke and a heart attach yesterday and is gonna be ok. He had a warning and then went to the hospital and was in the hospital when he was having his heart attach. He went in for emergency surgery and the Doctor said he was one of the luckiest guys he's ever seen. I would like to think that their was more to it than that. God......Prayer....Faith....Love....need I say more.

I try to always remain a positive and happy person. Something that I borrowed from Sylvia Brown I like to say to myself all the time and it is:Every step I take I'm going to plant a column of light that goes staight up to GOD!!

* I'm very greatful because I now have my own website

I'm now selling on Etsy (which is an awesome site!!!)

* I have my Jewelry showcasing at the Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame.

* I have my Jewelry in an Art Gallery in Lansing called the Absolute Gallery!!

* I have the Lansing, MI Women's Expo coming up in Feb.

I do this thing with my daughter every morning as I take her to school. First I always ask her what she is greatful for today! And the thing she always says first is that she is sooo greatful that she has such a large family so she can give out more hugs and kisses. Wow!! and then she proceeds to tell me the rest. I then go through my extensive list, and it just starts the day out better. It put's a new perspective on things. Here is just a small amount of things I put on my list to be greatful for.

*God *Family *Friends *The ability to love *The ability to be loved *The Earth (and all that implies) *A new day to make a difference in another person's life. *Eye's that work * Ear's that hear *A voice that can speak *Legs that still carry my weight * The ability to create something beautiful with my own hands *Change *The ability to learn and grow and become better......because that is really what we all do. *Even the ability to be greatful for the things that challange us because they may make us more compassionate, understanding, enlightened, or just plain old better.

I write about all these things that I'm greatful for because in my life, just like yours as well, there are a lot of things that I struggle with, but I choose to only focus on the good. If we are sooo focused on the good in our lives there is no more room left over to focus on the bad.

In closing my daily message is to look at anything that is in your life today that you are greatful for, lets do this one day at a time, but let's do it!!

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