Saturday, March 21, 2009

For the Love of Copper

I am often asked why copper is my favorite metal. In truth, there are several reasons why I love copper and there probably not why you think. Sure the color is breathtaking, and it’s less expensive then Sterling Silver and Gold, but that’s only the frosting on the cake. Actually, I love it most for the many benefits it continues to bring to humanity!
Copper is the oldest metal known to man. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Aztec Indians, Native Americans, Persians, and Mongolians, just to name a few. It was used for many purposes like, plumbing, dishes, and even utensils, because of its antimicrobial properties. Copper was widely used for jewelry and adornment as well, however most importantly it was used medicinally.
Did you know that copper is one of the trace minerals found in the body, and it plays an important role in our health, such as: healthy growth and function of bones and collagen, the brain, the heart, the skin, and the immune system? Copper is known for its curative powers, due largely to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. This makes it perfect for the treatment of skin diseases and wounds. It is also widely recognized for its effectiveness in treating a number of diseases such as anemia, stroke, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and more.
Copper when in contact with the human skin often can create a green film on the flesh. Although it can easily be washed off, it’s noted to have many healing qualities once absorbed by the skin. Some specialist have claimed that wearing a copper bracelet around the wrist for 30 days leads to body absorption of approximately 13 mgs of copper, which would result to less than ½ mg a day. The human body has evolved an extremely effective regulatory mechanism to ensure that the copper ingested is put to use and any excess is eliminated harmlessly. Copper toxicity is rare, and the daily dose that is recommended for adults is 1-3 mg a day, with a child’s being ½-1 mg a day.
There have been reports of men not being affected by arthritis while they continued to work in copper mines. Another report stated that when there had been Cholera outbreaks that the men who worked in the copper mines seemed to be immune. There is so much more detailed information on the internet and at your fingertips, about the many wonderful uses of copper. I urge you to do a bit of your own research, and start to consider the possibilities.


  1. Copper has always been one of my most favourite metals also, Rachele :) I enjoyed reading all of your interesting tidbits about it, makes me love it even more!

  2. I love copper too. And I'm old enough to remember when everyone had several pieces of jewelry in copper. Personally, I love the colour of it and always have wanted hair that colour.

  3. I'm another whose favorite is copper. I just recently bought myself a copper bracelet, I think I will be wearing it more often. Great info and beautiful picture.


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